Think outside the box to connect the dots.

One of our leaders today made a contribution to our team which reminded me of this great exercise. This is a very cool problem-solving exercise which can be done in a sales meeting to showcase; thinking outside the box, collaborating with others, communication, listening skills, trying a new approach, staying flexible, and adapting to change.

You can really have some fun with this. For example, you can pre-position this exercise by breaking the team up into small groups of two or three associates and stating the following:

Three rules of engagement

Rule #1 – If you already know the answer you must be honorable and not participate in solving this problem however you can assist the manager in observing the behaviors of participants

Rule #2 – Each group must pick a leader

Rule #3 – It’s ok to think outside the box to solve this exercise and must connect all dots with no more than four straight lines in one continuous flow without lifting the pen.

Give them a few minutes to complete the exercise and then discuss your observations.

  • How was the team leader selected? Did they appoint themselves or did someone else pick them?
  • What did teamwork and communication look like?
  • What resources did they use?
  • Did anyone google the answer?
  • Did anyone ask the presenter for guidance?
  • Who completed the exercise the quickest?
  • Who had the most fun in the process?

What did they learn from the exercise? The 1st goal is to get them to think around the following?:

  • Communication skills?
  • Remaining flexible?
  • Trying a difference approached until getting it right?
  • Collaboration to problem solve?
  • Listening skills?

The 2nd goal is for you to then associate the above discoveries with what they do each day, and little things they can do to improve their skills to become better sales professionals and people.

Happy selling!!!


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