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Manny is an entrepreneur, author, husband, humanitarian, and proud father of three amazing citizens. He continues his journey by maximizing his life and the lives of others through a simple notion of “Unslackable” living. Playing full-out, helping others to play full-out, and driving record-breaking results along the way is his legacy.


Manny has 20+ years of leadership experience in Sales & Marketing within Fortune 200 companies. He is responsible for $1 Billion+ in sales throughout the USA and Asia. Manny is a thought invigorator, speaker, and educator who brings real experience through his teachings. He is a peak performance strategist in sales, leadership, organizational turnaround, and of course, is the author and podcast host of Unslackable.


If you’re thinking of hiring Manny to coach someone in need, to reinspire a group, or to get a room full of people ready to kick ass at life – do it. You will not be disappointed.

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Sometimes we just need a little push

On the verge of despair, chaos, and self-destruction, Manny's life started turning around when a teacher planted seeds of hope. Those were the same emotional and intellectual seeds that would later foster a deep desire to seek self-parenting, self-development, and personal growth strategies that today rank him as a global leader within fortune 200 companies.

From Pain to Purpose

Manny's mission at Unslackable is to invigorate the belief that we should not feel shameful about where we've landed in life but rather to view every moment as an opportunity to start fresh.   You are not defined by your past, by your mistakes, nor by your greatest failures. It's those same failures that will propel you to newfound purpose, willpower, and a fulfilled life as long as you too learn the "unslackable" way. Let your past become the ammunition for a brighter future, and let me help you get there.  


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