There has been a lot of controversy lately regarding the acid versus alkaline environments of our inner bodies.  The truth is that few people understand the difference and imagine that if they eat tons of lemons their bodies are acidic.  In this example, the opposite is true.   Essentially everything that we eat, drink, touch with our skins or inhale into our lungs leaves a residue on our body tissue called an ash that is either alkaline or acidic. These substances have the ultimate power to completely change our body pH!  Interestingly, this isn’t a new theory and in fact was explored some 75 years ago by a renowned doctor and chemist who published a health report in 1933, stating the incredible affects that pH has on the human body and more importantly on the prevention and treatment of common disease in society.

Every one of us has a genetic history and habits that predispose us to illness or disease.  Have you ever stopped to consider why some people never develop cancer or are rarely sick, even though they seem to make lifestyle choices that aren’t great?  Have you ever wondered why some people can recover from a late stage diagnosis and another person will die in just a few months from the same thing?  The answer quite simply could be in the ability or inability to balance the pH of the body.  Hopefully you trust your doctor, but it is vital to understand that you medical provider by and large only treats your symptoms.  If you go in with a cold, he gives you decongestants.  If you are diabetic, you are given forms of insulin.  If you have chronic infections, you are given antibiotics.  While this may give you temporary relief, the symptoms will return and worsen because the root cause has yet to be addressed.  Worse yet, the medications you take force your body to work even harder to stabilize and you get stuck in a never ending cycle of poor health and imbalance.

You may be wondering why, if a solution was so simple – would doctors NOT want to address your pH balance.  This answer can be found in the billions of dollars that doctors and pharmaceutical companies make on medications.  It can also be linked to the fact that the majority of doctors are trained to only treat symptoms and disease; not total body wellness.  The fact is that with proper pH balance and detoxification – illness and disease could likely be cut in half!

In fact, herbalists, nutrition experts and even many physicians are seeing the influential affect that pH balance has on the body.  This may seem too simple to be true, but the explanation is quite clear!  When the body becomes too acidic it dampens the function of all the internal organs.  When too many toxins build up adding to the acidity the body is forced to dive into alkaline reserves to replenish it.  If there isn’t enough stored in your tissues, organs and bones, every single function of your body cannot work properly and your body will be working overtime trying to compensate.  This means that you will literally lose the power to do all the things your body is supposed to do innately. Your body will strive to keep tissues, organs and cellular balanced depriving every cell of your body of the vital nutrients and minerals you need to survive with health.

When you consider that your tissues, organs and cells are comprised of mostly water and that water is alkaline by nature, it makes sense.  Normal pH levels are between 6.0 and 7.5!  When the number dips below 6.0, it means that your body is poisoned or toxic and that your body is in a constant state of trying to raise your pH to acceptable levels.  You will become deprived of calcium, sodium; magnesium because your body is working so hard to buffer or neutralize acid that is steals from your bones and tissues.  The human body knows that pH balance and more importantly, an alkaline environment is necessary for survival, yet we continually eat and expose ourselves to things that make us acidic.

The good news is that the condition is reversible.  If you begin testing your morning urine pH using dipsticks, you will have a deeper understanding of whether or not your body is too acidic.  If you are poisoned with acids, your urine will be flushing them out and your morning pH will be low.  If this is consistent, you can be assured that you are in desperate need of alkalizing!  How do you do this?  The first step is to detox using colon hydrotherapy or herbal colon cleanses.  The second step is to begin eating foods that are alkaline like high fiber, green vegetables.  There are tons of foods that are beneficial for raising or lowering pH depending on your needs.

The vast majority of us are too acidic, meaning we have low pH!  This is quite simply because we live on diets of refined foods that are high fat and sugar with minimal fiber or nutrients.  What this means is that we are essentially poisoning ourselves.  This condition leads to almost every common, subtle or major illness of the human body.  For instance, fatigue, cardiovascular damage, weight gain, obesity, arthritis, bladder or kidney conditions, immune dysfunction, premature aging, yeast or fungus growth, hormonal concerns, diabetes, cancer, digestive issues and many more.  In fact, nearly every dysfunction that you may feel whether it is insomnia or heartburn; is a result of your bodies’ pH being improperly balanced.

There is no need to live in worry or stress about body pH.  As simply as you have caused damaged you can reverse it and allow your body an opportunity to heal.  By choosing an effective means of detox and cleansing combined with a commitment to eat a healthier diet that will maintain pH balance; you can expect to feel better and lengthen your life minimizing many illnesses.  Urine and saliva dipsticks are available at plenty of sources online or in local drug stores, are very inexpensive and can be used easily in the privacy of your own home.  When you begin to see for yourself how much better you feel by properly paying attention to and balancing your pH you will see that this 75 years of wisdom makes a substantial difference in your life.  While doctors will continue to treat symptoms and disease, it is your responsibility to treat the root source of your problems.  More than likely, they are stemming from an improper balance of acids and alkaline in your body.

Since you were a child, you have been told that you are what you eat.  You have been given guidelines to nutrition and at some level, you know what is healthy or not.  You have heard it said repeatedly, that if you put garbage in – you get garbage out.  The older you get the more drastic the implications of feeding yourself junk will become and sadly, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Within a week you can change the state of your imbalanced body and begin living and feeling better than you ever have before.

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