The most precious thing that can happen to two people who are in love is to conceive a child.  This baby will share their genetics, their culture, and their traditions.  For years, the parents of this child will do their best to shape and mold him or her into the person they always wished they could be.  It’s a beautiful reality of life – reproducing and passing on what you know to the next generation.

If you have had the pleasure of producing some adorable offspring of your own, you know that their existence can change your relationship completely.  Some of these changes are wonderful: a new closeness, a loving understanding that your bond is now a permanent one as the parents of this new little person.  Other changes can be less positive.  With children come responsibilities and new demands on your time.

Remember Who Came First

A lot of people feel guilty for putting their spouse before their children.  Of course, when it applies to the childrens’ safety and well-being, you should always consider them a top priority.  However, when it comes to an equal division of time and attention, you should keep your partner in mind.  Remember that without them, the children wouldn’t even exist.

Studies have shown that parents who show their affection openly within their household have much happier families.  Your kids are naturally intuitive, and they can tell when there is a disconnection between the two of you.  The entire family benefits when you take the time to nurture the love that created it in the first place.

Adamantly Protect Your Time

You are passionate about providing for your children and giving them the best life ever.  Often, this is the reason why you begin to find a lack in the intimacy department in your marriage.  You begin to devote so much effort to raising your kids, which is extremely commendable.  What you need to do is transfer that passion and that dedication to rekindling the closeness in your relationship.

There has to be a strong desire and commitment to guarding the time that you spend with each other.  You must be adamant about protecting that precious time.  Set aside a certain amount of time, whether that be one night a week or one night a month, that you must spend alone with one another outside of the house.  Find a good babysitter and make it a priority in your lives.  Use this time to talk about things other than the mundane things that you do every day.  No talk about the kids, work, or your household chores.  Think about what you would talk about if you were on a first date with this wonderful person.

It is just as important to continue to feed your appreciation and enchantment for your mate as it is to give your children the proper rearing.  In fact, you should think of them as one in the same.  Making yourself and your spouse happy is making your children happy.  Every single member of your family deserves your full attention – especially the person you have chosen to be your life partner in this journey.

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