When people are faced with critical, spur of the moment decisions such as a tractor trailing crossing lanes and heading head on in your direction, people react from a largely subconscious place.  The rational cortex allows them to skirt death and make split second decisions that can save their life.  While this is a dramatic experience, there are millions of other split second reactions in your life that you make using this same emotional place of acting and reacting that succinctly changes the course of your life forever.  Consider celebrities who seemingly out of the blue knock out a cameraman, even after years of complacency around the same event.  What happened in that one moment that caused them to react in such a manner.  The answer, comes down to one word…emotions!

There has been lots of research trying to decode the thinking versus feeling aspect of human life.  While it is still something largely misunderstood, it can be said that nearly every decision in our lives is based on emotion.  While mathematical equations are about as concise as humanly possible, there are few people who follow formulas to make every day decisions.  Pretend you are considering taking a new job.  While you can make a very clear list of pros and cons for doing so, each time you write one thing in either column you are actually working from an emotional place.  True logic, knows no pros or cons and would not consider moving to a new city either good or bad.  It is strictly the human being inside us, whose rational cortex activated in a mere tenth of a second, which creates the entirety of our realities.

While that may seem as though the world is just a mixing pot of human emotions swirling together to a boil, the truth is that when we learn to control our emotions, we are empowered to pave a new path for our lives.  Right now, today, in this moment, you are quite specifically the culmination of emotional experiences.  You are carrying around thought patterns handed down to you from generations and are reactive to people and circumstances in your life because of things your consciousness doesn’t even understand.  You have withstood years of listening and programming from unintentional sources and have added to that to your database of knowing and being.  Although you may not recall specifics, your brain and more specifically, your sub conscious do and they stir emotions inside of you that cause you to react emotionally.

What drives you?  What decisions have you made today? Think about where you went, where you shopped, what you ate, what you wore, or any other simplistic detail of your day and you will realize that behind every decision was an emotion.  You wore black pants because you hate khakis.  You ate Mexican because you love the taste.  You shopped at your favorite store because you enjoy shopping there.  You watched a TV show that made you happy.  The substance of your life is made beautiful by the emotions that you encounter from each of your experiences.

Obviously, there are some people who don’t seem to have their emotions in check.  These people weep at everything, laugh too loudly and often make all of their decisions based on feeling.  However, when you choose to exist in a state that utilizes the best feelings, you end up living a life that is most prosperous and abundant.  The opposite would be to live methodically, calculating every event in your life based on an invisible formula that will not equal to personal happiness and prosperity.  Vincent Van Gogh, no stranger to emotion said, “Let’s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it!”  These are the captains that have the ability to provide all of the abundance, happiness and success or misery that we need to fuel our uncharted paths.

Even more interesting, is that while emotional living may not be always accepted, the human body is designed around emotion.  More than half of our facial muscles are fundamentally responsible for displaying our emotions to others AND emotions are the direct result of distinct chemical response in our brains, which interestingly is the same chemical that inhibits our logic!  Suffice it to say that we can either be logical or emotional.  Since beauty at any level is not logical, it may be wise to choose emotion instead.

The trick to divine intention in your life is to develop a firm grip on your emotions.  This doesn’t mean ignoring them or hiding them, and in fact, means quite the opposite is true.  By paying attention to your emotions at every moment, realizing what triggers the wheel of eight primary emotions to stir inside you; you will have empowering tools with which to live your life.  When you remove these mysterious responses from the subconscious, choosing to consciously deal with them you can literally change the course of your future.  In the heat of the moment, this may be impossible.  But afterwards, taking the time to understand, decipher and unveil the emotions you felt will enable you to control them or alter them next time something similar happens.  Imagine if you could change your own responses to an argument, to a sadness, to a frustrating experience and learn how to invoke a more positive emotion! Your life would know neither hindrance nor suffering.

The plight of human emotions is really a gift.  In the instance of the tractor trailer seconds away from hitting you head on, your fear emotion presides and causes you to make the right decision that ultimately saves your life.  Just as afterwards, you may sit on the side of the road with adrenaline rushing through your veins; every emotion you have throughout your day causes a physical response.  As scientists and doctors learn more about the connection between the emotional and physical being, there is proof in lending that a great many illnesses and disease arise out of emotions that perhaps can be cured out of emotion as well.  The possibilities of your future, your excellence, your health, your happiness and your wellbeing are all bright when you learn to take control of you’re the emotional force that drives your every thought and action and turn them all into a responsible and emotional personal choice.

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