Each of us harbors the private embarrassment and humiliation that comes along with bowel movement and flatulation.  Netiher are pleasant dinner conversations and while few of us are talking about it, around 98% of the population takes the extra second to sneak a peek at their poop before they flush!  Interestingly, our feces holds the secrets to our health and wellbeing and in many cases is the underlying issue that results in illness, disease, infection and lack of vitality.  So what’s the scoop with poop?

The colon is essentially the body’s sewer system and just like pipes eventually get laden with left over debris, grit, sludge and unspeakable substances our colons do the same.  This leftover sediment is the stuff to sticky or toxic to pass through the bowels and is full of an array of toxins that few of us can even pronounce.  Gross to say the least.  Now consider what happens when you leave all of that there stuck to the pipes of your colon for years and years.  Unfortunately, that is what most people do and since they can’t see it, smell it or feel as though they are suffering from it they simply leave it alone.  While the thought of colon hydrotherapy may have the weak at heart running from cover, the expanse of harmful bacteria living and thriving in your colon is actually even more grotesque.

Even more upsetting is that the typical diet eaten by most people consists of high fat, high sugar, LOW fiber, refined foods that are laden with chemicals and preservatives.  When these foods are eaten, the toxins literally take a joy ride through our circulatory and endocrine system where they deposit their raging poisons to every organ system in the body.  There, they sit for eons because our bodies are unable to process them properly and they cause 90% of the symptoms that we “feel” and assume are just part of life.  Sluggishness, fatigue, muscle aches, pains, stress, reduced mental function, proneness to small and annoying infections like acne or sinus infection and eventually larger health issues like cancer or diabetes are all rooted in the toxic debris that is floating around our bodies.   This is no way to live, at least no way to live well!

Subsequently, the main purpose of colon hydrotherapy and herbal cleansing is to gently cleanse the colon, flushing out harmful bacteria and toxins so that the good bacteria essential to health and vitality can thrive.  While the procedure may seem invasive or harsh it is actually very comfortable and does not cause explosive diarrhea or cramping like laxatives do.  It is also surprisingly discreet as all the fecal matter is flushed through a series of tubes and is never seen or smelled by the technician or the person having the procedure.  Tempered water mixed with a gentle cleansing agent is used to break up the toxins so that they can be effectively removed allowing the body to work as it is innately designed.  This can mean weight loss and a sense of feeling better than you have in a very long time.  Depending on your diet and the severity of “grime” in your colon, it may be necessary to do this procedure several times.

For people who are hesitant or extremely shy there are options that allow you to perform colon hydrotherapy in the privacy of your own home however, the equipment to get started is rather expensive. The other option is to purchase high quality herbal blends designed to gently and effectively clean out the colon.  Typical herbs included in these mixes are Fennel Seed, Psyllium Husks, Flax Seed, Aloe Vera, Licorice Root, Peppermint Leaf, Guar Gum, Marshmallow Root and Papaya Fruit. They are high fiber mixtures that allow for effective elimination and can be taken orally.  While the results using herbs may not be as immediate, they are a much better option that doing nothing at all.  The bottom line is that there is no reason to live in a poisoned environment and the only way to free our bodies up to perform and most importantly feel well is to clean the junk that is little by little running us into the ground.

Colon hydrotherapy and herbal cleansing are essentially rejuvenation procedures!  Perhaps you don’t recognize the need for it because you have become so accustomed to feeling bad, to having digestive problems, heartburn, bloating, headaches, hormonal fluctuations, gas, being unable to lose weight or sleep as well as a plethora of other common  ailments that you encounter often.  You may not even realize how tired and slow you are until you are afforded the chance to feel better and most people are so used to feeling bad, drained of energy and depleted from the raging toxins in their body; that they may not recognize their symptoms as a health problem.  At least not until they experience quality colon cleansing and realize in an epiphany moment that they were just dirty.

The experience is very similar to putting filthy gas filled with sediment in your car and taking a trip only to experience harmful exhaust, inability to accelerate and quite possibly engine failure.  Once you wash away the poor gasoline and fill the car with new, clean gas, it purrs like a kitten and is ready for the open road.  After colon hydrotherapy, you too will be ready for the open road to freedom and wellness that has been simply tainted by the dirty fuel you have been feeding yourself unknowingly for years.

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